Saturday, May 19, 2012


Allow me to write you with my pen
So that you will spill from my lips
While you taste the words
As they lay upon your tongue

Let me write you into existence
And create memories for you to bask in
Simply I will sing you into the dreams that you so desire
While I play your hearts strings
And make you fall in love with me

Open your mind to my ink
I plan to create a new world for you to enjoy
As you imagine that love is being made with you and I
Listen to the pen as it flows across your chest
As it takes strides and stroke your 
Souls passion to live again and again

See the path that I have clearly left for you to follow
Straight into my hands
Where I can paint you a picture of the things
That I have planned for you and I

As you sit in the pleasure
And be pleased with all that I want to be for you
Surly I will spin you a web of gold
That will shine more beautifully from within my soul

Let me harvest what is necessary to continue your growth
As I water your body like a garden
And pen you into my heart
Smell the ambiance that we have made
While touching reality as it has been laid out for two...

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