Tuesday, May 29, 2012


How can I not love you
When you have shown me life
You have mentally seduced me
And laid me in a bed of the reddest roses

How can I not want you
When you have given me dreams of passion
You have visually placed me in my fantasy
And tasted my thoughts all at once

How can my body not desire you
More and more each day
When in my mind all I see is you and I
Touching and making me rise and rise
And you catch me as I fall fall so slowly down to your drive
Of zestful penetration

How can you not love
The sexiness that I bring to you
Stockings and ankle strapped pumps
Panties and bra to match with each set
Dance for you in our room
To the music that we make and will consume

How can you not want what i'm willing to give
When my visions stroke your manhood
While my mind rides your ego and pride
As I lay my body across your lips
So you can taste every drip of my soul
All the pleasure you desire
I will surly conspire....

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