Thursday, May 24, 2012

You Said....

You said you wanted me to lay down my inhibitions
And spread my mind across space and time
Visually you had me in a trance
Verbally you spoke chills and thrills through my universe

You said you wanted me to open doors that were chained
And release the vixen from within to ease my transition
Physically you have touched places unknown
Mentally you have shown me pictures that have enlighten all of me

You said you would take me to a secret place
And show me a set of rules to live by
While you give me the pleasure of a million life times
As you stroke me evenly with strokes of passion. lust, desire, intimacy and love

You said you would draw me into the stars
And leave a mist that would soak me completely
While looking into my eyes you knew that I wanted you even more
As you laid me upon a cloud you took in all that I was

You said don't hold back what needs I want completed
As you seek to claim the places that you need to tame
Emotionally you have stirred me to conscientiousness
As you whisper me into your control and have me as you please....

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