Monday, May 28, 2012


Answer your phone and listen to her hands clap
Touching every inch of her hot spot
Moans and groans of pleasure
In your ear, she fills

Do you feel the heat rising from your phone
Deeper and deeper her fingers go
Fire burns deep within her loins
She strokes and glides down her walls
Wetness leaks, seeps down her finger tips
Touching her own inner desires for you

Taste the air and drink her sweetness from the mist
Don't linger too long you might not hear her call your name
Oh baby, can you feel that
Her body is jerking, shaking and sweating
Her lips are engorged from the intense pleasure
Of her putting her fingers there and here
Her clit is swollen with the rise of lust
From the vigor of of flicking her finger along side of it
Smacking, sloshing of wetness
Her moans and mmmms get louder
His voice deep and raspy, sexy that is
Her nipples are set erect from the phone sex

Can you her the excitement in her tone
She cumming it starts to trickle faster
Oh take me baby take me please
As she calls out your name into the telephone
She screams for she has squirted across the bed
Dripping dripping as she lays in awwww
Out of breath she breathes to get control
Of what she has done
For the very first time to please her man
On the telephone......

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