Monday, May 7, 2012

A Life Time

My mind is on cloud nine
Swooning over the words that were whispered
In the midnight hour
Long have I waited for you to come

The smell of sweet sweet tulips in the air
Lingers upon my breast as I inhale
Your gentle kiss placed upon my soft lips
Lightly placing your tongue in a chase of mine

Lasting for a life time
Hands intertwining as they play a dance
Bodies lapping in the heat of passion
Gasping for the moment to breathe a breath

Music copied by the tapping in the heat of lust passion
Over developed by the desires of pleasure
While lilies bloom in the streams that's created by our sweat
Floating, floating off in the midst of the fog

That's formed from the heat of our deepest sins
The walls call out our names as we engage in play made for two
Such as we do.....
Lips locking, bodies screaming
Legs shaking, hands pulling

Calamity reigns out of these normal flames
Thunder reaches the mountain tops
As the rain pours from the valley and onto the distant lands
Lightening strikes as the midnight hour
Begins to calm the fires

Grass grows
Flowers bloom
Trees spring up
Bees fly out
Birds sing
While we create whats in you and I....

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