Monday, May 21, 2012

Could You

If I loved you would love me back
Would you give me the same tokens that I will give you
Can I share my soul with you
And tell you my deepest secrets
Would you make love to me mentally
If I stroked you visually
Verbally I will rock your world
If you listen to all the words that roll off my tongue
Would you taste my thoughts
If I laced them with my sweetness
If I inhaled your whispers of love
Would you share in all my intimacy of desires
Of you and I falling in love just on pure trust?????


  1. ♥ awwwwwww this is beautiful..

    nice to see you in the blogworld

  2. Girl, I say this about once a month just to check and see what he says or if his story will change. LOL, it dont! ;-)