Sunday, May 27, 2012


Shall we take a chance and move forward
Into lovers lane of and become one
Will you see me as I am and take my mind
Where it has never explored
Show me how life can be if we come together as one
Encompass my soul and tighten your hold
Let my heart follow your dreams
To places that only we can be
Sing to me that song that so longs to roll from your lips
Sweet sweet words of love traced by harmonies
Of emotions of desires for me
Listen as I whisper into your spirit
And put you into a trance that will leave you over flowing

Two hearts that beat as one
Two souls that knows only one mold
Two auras that will shine together as one light
Two minds that think as one thought
Two sets of eyes that will open as one set
Two mouths that will join in one kiss
Two spirits that will join as one heavenly being

Shall we take a chance and move forward
Into this union that we will share
How do you love thee
I will count the ways for days with you in my arms
We will lay and make beautiful music
As the spring breeze take control of our hormones
Humming you as you sing me
Sway to this beat of new beginnings that we will create as one.....

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