Tuesday, May 29, 2012


How can I not love you
When you have shown me life
You have mentally seduced me
And laid me in a bed of the reddest roses

How can I not want you
When you have given me dreams of passion
You have visually placed me in my fantasy
And tasted my thoughts all at once

How can my body not desire you
More and more each day
When in my mind all I see is you and I
Touching and making me rise and rise
And you catch me as I fall fall so slowly down to your drive
Of zestful penetration

How can you not love
The sexiness that I bring to you
Stockings and ankle strapped pumps
Panties and bra to match with each set
Dance for you in our room
To the music that we make and will consume

How can you not want what i'm willing to give
When my visions stroke your manhood
While my mind rides your ego and pride
As I lay my body across your lips
So you can taste every drip of my soul
All the pleasure you desire
I will surly conspire....

Monday, May 28, 2012


Answer your phone and listen to her hands clap
Touching every inch of her hot spot
Moans and groans of pleasure
In your ear, she fills

Do you feel the heat rising from your phone
Deeper and deeper her fingers go
Fire burns deep within her loins
She strokes and glides down her walls
Wetness leaks, seeps down her finger tips
Touching her own inner desires for you

Taste the air and drink her sweetness from the mist
Don't linger too long you might not hear her call your name
Oh baby, can you feel that
Her body is jerking, shaking and sweating
Her lips are engorged from the intense pleasure
Of her putting her fingers there and here
Her clit is swollen with the rise of lust
From the vigor of of flicking her finger along side of it
Smacking, sloshing of wetness
Her moans and mmmms get louder
His voice deep and raspy, sexy that is
Her nipples are set erect from the phone sex

Can you her the excitement in her tone
She cumming it starts to trickle faster
Oh take me baby take me please
As she calls out your name into the telephone
She screams for she has squirted across the bed
Dripping dripping as she lays in awwww
Out of breath she breathes to get control
Of what she has done
For the very first time to please her man
On the telephone......

Sunday, May 27, 2012

All At Once.....

So many nights I thought of you and I
We were clothed as one in each others arms
My mind carried you for years
In my heart you were something that I wouldn't let go

So many days I day dreamed of those hours
I waited at the window for you to come by
Just wanting to see your heart shine across the spaces
Your smile brightened my days
You laughter brighten my souls own glow

So many evenings I longed for your kiss
So soft and sweet oh how I miss it so
To taste your sweet words placed on mine
To feel your gentleness sway as we embrace
Oh how I long for you all day

So many times I heard your call
Too many times it didn't seem like you at all
Now that life has shown me you
I can't decide if this is a dream or really you
The desires that you conspire within me
Rages so high that it ignites the heavens ablaze

I long for that passion that you have in your eyes
I need that fire that burns in your insides
I want that life that flows through you
I desire to have you all at once i'm sure....

Thank You

I just want to thank all you for following my blog page..
It means a great deal that each of you have chosen to do so..
So thank you very much from the bottom of my heart..


Shall we take a chance and move forward
Into lovers lane of and become one
Will you see me as I am and take my mind
Where it has never explored
Show me how life can be if we come together as one
Encompass my soul and tighten your hold
Let my heart follow your dreams
To places that only we can be
Sing to me that song that so longs to roll from your lips
Sweet sweet words of love traced by harmonies
Of emotions of desires for me
Listen as I whisper into your spirit
And put you into a trance that will leave you over flowing

Two hearts that beat as one
Two souls that knows only one mold
Two auras that will shine together as one light
Two minds that think as one thought
Two sets of eyes that will open as one set
Two mouths that will join in one kiss
Two spirits that will join as one heavenly being

Shall we take a chance and move forward
Into this union that we will share
How do you love thee
I will count the ways for days with you in my arms
We will lay and make beautiful music
As the spring breeze take control of our hormones
Humming you as you sing me
Sway to this beat of new beginnings that we will create as one.....

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Announcing my New Book . . . Whispers of Love . . . Official Release June 1st . . . will be available on Amazon . . . Kindle and Inner Child Press. www.innerchildpress.com

Thursday, May 24, 2012

You Said....

You said you wanted me to lay down my inhibitions
And spread my mind across space and time
Visually you had me in a trance
Verbally you spoke chills and thrills through my universe

You said you wanted me to open doors that were chained
And release the vixen from within to ease my transition
Physically you have touched places unknown
Mentally you have shown me pictures that have enlighten all of me

You said you would take me to a secret place
And show me a set of rules to live by
While you give me the pleasure of a million life times
As you stroke me evenly with strokes of passion. lust, desire, intimacy and love

You said you would draw me into the stars
And leave a mist that would soak me completely
While looking into my eyes you knew that I wanted you even more
As you laid me upon a cloud you took in all that I was

You said don't hold back what needs I want completed
As you seek to claim the places that you need to tame
Emotionally you have stirred me to conscientiousness
As you whisper me into your control and have me as you please....

Monday, May 21, 2012

Could You

If I loved you would love me back
Would you give me the same tokens that I will give you
Can I share my soul with you
And tell you my deepest secrets
Would you make love to me mentally
If I stroked you visually
Verbally I will rock your world
If you listen to all the words that roll off my tongue
Would you taste my thoughts
If I laced them with my sweetness
If I inhaled your whispers of love
Would you share in all my intimacy of desires
Of you and I falling in love just on pure trust?????

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Allow me to write you with my pen
So that you will spill from my lips
While you taste the words
As they lay upon your tongue

Let me write you into existence
And create memories for you to bask in
Simply I will sing you into the dreams that you so desire
While I play your hearts strings
And make you fall in love with me

Open your mind to my ink
I plan to create a new world for you to enjoy
As you imagine that love is being made with you and I
Listen to the pen as it flows across your chest
As it takes strides and stroke your 
Souls passion to live again and again

See the path that I have clearly left for you to follow
Straight into my hands
Where I can paint you a picture of the things
That I have planned for you and I

As you sit in the pleasure
And be pleased with all that I want to be for you
Surly I will spin you a web of gold
That will shine more beautifully from within my soul

Let me harvest what is necessary to continue your growth
As I water your body like a garden
And pen you into my heart
Smell the ambiance that we have made
While touching reality as it has been laid out for two...

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Rocking Chair

Grandmother sits and rock
Back and forth
While the stars shine in
She tells a story of the days of old
Holding the baby close to her chest
Falling into a deep sleep
Humming as she dreams of peace
Grandmother calls for mother
To take the baby and put her to bed
All the while grandmother
Is ready to rest her head
Tired and beat from the days work
Its now time for grandmothers feet
To take a seat....
Slowly grandmother rocks
Sings a song and prays a wonderful prayer
She fades....
Life goes dim in her eyes
No more strength she is spent
Breath is exhausted from her soul
Grandmother doesnt put up a fight
This feels right
Its time that mother sits
To rock the chair at night
The morning light shines through
But.......No one knows grandmother is gone...
The chair still rocks....
Grandmother is no where in sight......


Strong when no one else has strength
Forced to carry the load at all times
Crying when no one is awake
So not to show weakness in front of everyone
Wisdom beyond years fore told
She brought sons and daughters into existence
What more do you think she can bare
Great Grandmother, Grand Mother, Mother
This role has been passed down generation to generation
No burdens will keep her from loving you
It's what a mother lives for to give
Love beyond the heavens that reaches and eternity
Life giver that gives life out side of their own
Esteem builder, when no one else stick around
To be your friend 
Shoulders to lean on when you are down
Comforter to calm you when you are scared
A singer to soothe your sleepy little head
A whisperer to whisper soft sounds in the air
A diamond in the ruff that's cut from the cloth of purity
A will builder to help you will your will
A pride lifter to lift you when you can no longer lift yourself
A selfless person that gives all of her and never complains
It's her duty to give when ever you need
It's her gift to love you for a life time
It's her pleasure to be who you need her to be
But most of all she is 
Your breath
Your first love
Your first kiss
Your heart
Your soul
Your spirit
Your gift to life
She is your every thing
She is your Mother...

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Life Time

My mind is on cloud nine
Swooning over the words that were whispered
In the midnight hour
Long have I waited for you to come

The smell of sweet sweet tulips in the air
Lingers upon my breast as I inhale
Your gentle kiss placed upon my soft lips
Lightly placing your tongue in a chase of mine

Lasting for a life time
Hands intertwining as they play a dance
Bodies lapping in the heat of passion
Gasping for the moment to breathe a breath

Music copied by the tapping in the heat of lust passion
Over developed by the desires of pleasure
While lilies bloom in the streams that's created by our sweat
Floating, floating off in the midst of the fog

That's formed from the heat of our deepest sins
The walls call out our names as we engage in play made for two
Such as we do.....
Lips locking, bodies screaming
Legs shaking, hands pulling

Calamity reigns out of these normal flames
Thunder reaches the mountain tops
As the rain pours from the valley and onto the distant lands
Lightening strikes as the midnight hour
Begins to calm the fires

Grass grows
Flowers bloom
Trees spring up
Bees fly out
Birds sing
While we create whats in you and I....

Red Fangs Chase (Part II)

I met my creator 
Now we have to decide if we are foe or friend
He wants me to run by his side
For now i'm in 
We will fight side by side
Even though you did me in
Vengeance one day will soon be mine

The night air sets me free
Running effortlessly through the dark
Silently I seek my prey
As it moves it doesn't feel my eyes locked on him
Inside theirs a feeling that someone is watching them
As he walks, I stalk him and get his scent
Stand on the hill top waiting for him to falter
He hears a shuffle in the distance
He stops and turns around
A squirrel runs out and he starts to laugh
He carries on his was home
Walking through the darkness
Not knowing this will be his last
Hidden in the shadows of the midnight hour
Waiting and lurking in the corners of your mind
Suddenly, he starts to run 
Scared he has become
His hairs on the back of his neck are standing on end
In fear of his life
He began to scream
Go away leave me be

Oh this is fun, 
Now the chase has just begun
I smell the fear in the air
It's singes my nose hairs
Oh how it smells like raw meat with an old stench 
His heart is pumping fast, sweat is pouring off his brow
He looks back sees a beast at his heels
He runs and he falls and rolls down the hill
I pursue and as I do howling rolls off my chest
Informing the pack i've found my rack
I caught him with ease
I tripped him and he fell to the ground
He stood and tried to stare me down
He said come on I wont go without a fight
I said thats what I like
He swung and missed, I was too swift
I slashed him at his back and came to the front and slashed his chest
I didn't go too deep I wanted him to get his blood flowing 
To entice me, seduce my salivation and make me want him even more
He swung at me with a stick and I tore it to shreds
He grabbed another and it hit me on the side of my head
Enough of this toying around
I slashed at his head, Scalped him until I saw his brain
Sliced open his neck and got the best of the blood
Blood shot from his neck straight into my mouth
His brain tasted so good
A delicacy it is understood
His blood was sweet and juicy
The others came to share
I gave them the rest and went to pursue more
I was craving it you see
Hooked on what I used to be
I'm that beast that attacked and changed me
Morning came and I wasn't the same
I met a man, and he was just what I needed
I told him to meet me at the park by 9
What a fool he was to think I was sweet and innocent
He was taken by surprise
It was my disguise that caught his eyes
I let out the beast within me and showed him how beautiful and cunning I really was
I gave him a head start
About an hour I said
I took him in the woods and told him
Run as fast as you can
Don't look back or you will be dead
I pursued and he screamed like a new born child
I love the fear that I could smell on his breath 
Howling ensued and the pack came to watch my back
I tore his flesh from limb to limb
Blood was on the trees, sidewalk and grass
His body was tossed from here to there
I ate and drank all of him
Oh so sweet he was
The chase is bitter sweet 
When we meet our prey there is no way they wont meet their maker
We will take your brain and go insane
We'll feast on your heart thats only part of it
We'll drain you of your soul
And disembowel you of your spirit
We will lick your ego and drink of your pride
Least to say your essence will be all mine and no more
Protect your young, or a snack they will become
The chase is what we live for
The She-Wolves of Devastation, we rule this land as a pack
This is just the beginning of the destruction that we will bring 
to your front doors......

The Making of Red Fang of Vengeance

As I was getting out the car
The door shut and there was a noise
I turned around and there he was
A monster, that roared
Claws as long as nails
Teeth that hung like hooks
Eyes that pierced my soul and put so much fear
In my heart I couldn't move
I went stiff, afraid that if I moved
He would see me
No screams came from my mouth
Speechless I was
Finally I came to my senses and scream from the top of my lungs
I ran like like a bat out of hell
Oh no didn't fall
It seemed like he chased me for hours
He was toying with me
I could hear him at my heels
His breath was hot and the moisture
From his breath was on my neck 
It was thick and stale smelled of death
I knew that I didn't have a chance in the world
But I ran for my life

A hand reached out and swiped my leg knocking me over
As I tumbled to the ground
I kicked and swung
Hitting everything that I could to try and save my life from this monsters grasp
I heard him say she's a fighter shes good prey
I kicked him in his jaw and ran some more
I picked up anything I could find to throw and hit him upside the head trying to bust it to the white meat
All of a sudden I was surrounded
I couldn't count them all but I knew I had to fight or I would be dead
I fought and fought
I threw punches like I was a boxer in a ring
But this time he caught me good His nails went down my spin
An execruiating pain went down my back 
Down through my legs
It was hot, I was screaming but no one heard me
My heart was beating fast and as it got faster
I felt another sharp intense pain
Go down my chest
He was ripping me to shreds
Blood was shooting in the air
My leg was hanging
My arms were still swing fighting for life
I was choking on my own blood
My face was cover with blood
How dare he do this to me
A monster he was indeed
He bit my neck and the last thing I heard was a gurgle gurgle
Bubbles formed in my throat
And I choked
Blood flew out of my mouth as I try to stand to fight 
Trying to catch my breath
My hair was blood stained
My clothes were ripped to shreds 
My flesh looked like it was every were
Damn i'm dead was all I thought in my head
His last words were 
I'm "the Midnight Killer" I love blood and killing is what I do
I wont kill you, because you are what i'm looking for
Changing you to be one of us is what i'm aiming for
You have fight in you, strength
I've never seen anyone fight for their life like you have 
I like that, you will seek me out when the time is right
As I faded out there was no more light..

It's cold and I couldan't see a thing
Where the hell am I..
I opened my eyes and to my surprise 
I hear voices coming from inside
Such a shame that she was torn to shreds like this
Wait i'm alive help me help me
No one could hear me you see
I was speaking only to myself in my mind
I've gone insane and i'm imagining all of this
Shit i'm in a morgue!!!
I could hear heart beats and pulses
My arms began to move 
My legs followed
I got off the table and stretched
Hmmmm, I'm feeling strength I never had before
I looked in the mirror on the wall
Damn you got really tall
Look at those muscles that have formed
Legs curvy, chest stout and sitting up right
My face is flawless and lips are full
I'm beautiful...
I thought to myself

All of a sudden my body started to twitch
Pain ran through my body
It hurt so bad I thought I was being cut open again
I feel to the floor and screamed for what seemed to be and eternity
My body was changing
My legs got even bigger and stronger
My hands and stomach formed muscles I didn't even know I had
My shoulders and chest awww man was set so high
My face protruded and teeth began to get sharp and long
My eyes turned blood shot red
Damn now that's hot
I started thinking what is going on

Then I remembered the monster called "The Midnight Killer"
He was a werewolf and now he has changed me into one to
That bastard, it would have been nice if he asked me first
His ass is in for it now
Retaliation is what im going after
I will rip him from limb to limb
I hope he doesn't have any friends
I am a werewolf, now I need a name
My name shall be Red Fang of Vengeance

Whats that I smell
Oh it smells so sweet, my heart starts to pound
The sound is getting closer and closer
Let me hide and take her by surprise
I will sneak up behind her
Take all that I need and hide the rest for later
She came in the room and I was on her so quick she never knew what hit her
No sound came from her mouth
I broke her neck snapped it right in two
Her arms were first oh the blood that dripped from my lips
The legs were next you can imagine what I did to the rest
Devoured it like it was my last
Blood was every where
My hands my face, my torso
I ran through the window of the morgue
Left nothing there that showed I was suppose to be dead

I will seduce you in the day
While stalking you and making you my prey
I will bait you and bring you out in the night
Where I will stalk you and bring you to your demise
Don't be surprised
Yeah it was all a game and I have no shame
Whether it be in the midnight hour
Or by the moon lights power
I come smoothly and swiftly through the woods floor
The world is my play ground and I aim to rule it
I seek to tame my thirst
But in the mean while I will quench my thirst

I am a werewolf by default
Mercy I will not give
Death will be in arms reach for whom ever is out in the night hour
There will be a new meaning to living for an eternity
I seek to destroy life as we know it...
I must seek out my creator
Will I do harm or will I seek out alliance....