Friday, July 6, 2012

Mommy Please.....

See how the streets have made you become
The hood means you no good
You bring pain to your door
Forgetting that the kids are seeing all that you do
Mommy please stop this insanity

The pain inside it hurts my little brain
I can't sustain the pressure
I want to run like i'm a bullet being shot from a gun
Fire, fire me
Let me be set free
Of all this insubordination against my demise

No rest for days
All the thumping and bumping
Soon mommy cleans me up and dresses me real pretty
Today is Sunday
She only takes me out and tries to sell me
To the drug dealers and pimps
For some crack cocaine

Mommy please don't leave me with this man
He's a stranger
He has slapped me across my head
Lumps and bruises protruded
He said don't make a sound put your face to the ground
You do as I say and things will be ok

The drugs have got you going insane
Mommy.... when.... oh when will you take the blame

My tears stained pillow
My face is streaked with dirty tears
From my face being forced into the ground
So they can stick their erections in place it don't belong
What have I done that was so wrong

Screams of shame
Screams of pain
Screams of pleas
Screams of disdain

Mommy please stop the shame that's being brought
Against my name
I haven't yet lived up to the promise that my name could bring

They have made me perform oral sex
I don't know how this is suppose to be done
It's like a loaded gun shooting and shooting
They have riddled me with cum
I am infested with disgust

Tossed to the side and locked in chains
And put in a cage like a beast
Oh the pain
The pain
The pain

My insides are screaming
Release me from this game

Mommy they have ripped my new cotton dress and tights
They have placed the penises inside my pastel panties
In my back side
My innocence have been stripped away
Why this way mommy
You told me never to let a man have this
But yet you gave it freely to them
All for crack to run tracks down your arms
And so you could coat your nose with white stuff that looks like powder

The blood flows like a river
They don't care they just pound even harder
Now it's another, repeating this beating to my frail body
I'm tossed around like a rag doll
All tatty,sticky and have a stench
Limp and scared in pain so much pain

I pray that this will stop
I ask GOD to take away the disdain and pain
The streets have brought me nothing, no fame nothing but agony
My mother still walks the tracks with cocaine riddled track upon her arms
She hasn't been to see me since the day she left me here
Doesn't she feel any remorse

Oh Lord, I pray that this day will soon end
I hear a voice calling my name
From the bright lights that's coming through my cage
I can't take this beating upon my head
I no longer have a clean bed
Pounding inside my head as the tears stop
The screams don't pierce  the air any more
If this is my reality then my life has ended

My body lays limp as the pimp shows me to my mommy
She screams what have you done
He laughs and walks away
And says; I've gotten my moneys worth

It's too late now Mommy
Your tears, mean nothing now
Your prayers and pleas are just a bit too late
As a matter of fact....I  no longer seek for you to set me free
Because GOD has heard my tears.......

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