Friday, June 29, 2012

As I....

I masturbate while sitting in the confines of your mind
While you hide from the frustration of your fornication
Let me confiscate the misuse of you inner pleasures
And provide for you the distraction you need
I will ease the pressure and jiggle the clog

If I lead and manipulate your tool to leak
You don't have to be discrete
Your lucid moans and groans will amplify the sound
Forget that the neighbors are in close proximity
Because my name will no longer be anonymous
Nor said the same

Let me open you up to this angelic skill
Because my imagination is unscrupulous
The tabernacle will not open their doors for my confession any more
I have corrupted and tainted  the steps to your heart
So I have sinned against my lust and capsized the damn
And spilled my wetness all over you

I am the sonic boom in your thrust
You will salivate over my lips and thighs
Your insides will repeat the speech that
That George Washington  spoke
You will be the ship and I will be your dock
Land is near and you know where to steer

I sit and masturbate in the confines of your thoughts
But now your elation is almost at the gate
Your visions have turned in a new direction
They cover me in rigorous strides
Make your mind my reality
As... I.... Sit  and masturbate in your confines.....

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