Friday, June 15, 2012

Fear....And .... Freedom...

My soul feels weary and lost
Misery and pain fills my veins
The dust rolls from my chest as my soul
Tries to shake free of this hold of tyranny
Upon my body and soul
Confused and in a daze
It's dark and cloudy
I can't see where am I
Someone any one... Help me oh help me please
Fear has consumed my being
Struggling to grasp the meaning of life pull
Like a sounded solider in the midst of the battle field
With no place to run
Knowing that the enemy will take his life
In minutes no seconds if he gives in to his fear
Repression is not an option
Please Oh Please
I'm on my knees
Set me free of this emptiness that riddles my soul
You have brought me to my demise
Toxins plaque my body
You have deceived me into doing your evil deeds
You have broken me down like a wooden spoon
And found my defects
I am defenceless against your demands
My soul screams out for freedom, freedom
The temple will crumble and will b built up in three days
When will my repast come will it be my last
The mutiny that my soul has experience
Why.... death....have you foresaken me
The agony and disparity that withers me
Taste bitter and old
Like the sap that oozes from the maple tree
That hardens at the edges and leaves a stench
My soul is like a broken appendage that can't be mended
Like the tapestry used
I am embroidered with sins of my ancestors
My soul needs a release from the chains
That have been around my hand and feet for centuries
Like a thief in the night you have come to take my life
Thoughtless in your dealings of stealing
I stand erect and firm like a prosthesis
Hard to move not easily broken
But my soul is weary and pained
So set me free of this disdain
Freedom is what I proclaim
My soul says yes as the pain and misery
Is released from my chest
Now I am on my way home....

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