Thursday, June 28, 2012

Your Release...

Bring the heat to the table
And make me you sacrifical lamb
Express to me spiritually the ways you aim to please me
Momentarily slide you hands slowly amongst my breast
Taste the everlasting existence of my inner thoughts of my thighs

Bring out the freak that you have been searching for
Knowing that if she is released
That time and space will have no effect in this place
Conjure up the ways to make me submissive
Don't attempt to commit suicide while diving deep into her spiritual fountain
Go with ease and let her currents take you over

Splash your dreams in my immacculent flow
They will surly become your reality as they drip, drip and drip
Lay upon my third eye
See the visions that are in store for your sexual enjoyment
The evolution of my toxic revelation
Will evolve your determination and make you have no more speculations
If your erection has no complications with my manifestation
The penetration will be deep elation of an orgasmic relation

Why leave your cup half full
when it can be filled with my jubilation of wetness
Let my lips make the stipulations of this fornication
Don't be surprised when you eyes sparkle
After you enhance your mouth with my secretion of the drink of life
Your rigor in stance will be hard and bold
As your gate will be more confident and more with ease
Your speech will be cleared of it's impediment

Don't look back
For the hands of time will melt
I want to rub your memory stick and make you remember this
Let them rock back and forth
As I ride you into an eclipse and watch you pass out
We will be the creators of Orion's belt
As we gravitate to the celestial music we have laid down upon the bed
Bless my inner peace and dig deep to bring the fires of your desires
So you can get the prize that is worth working for in the end
Which is.......Your release.....Of your erect gun....

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