Sunday, June 10, 2012


It drained me dry of all that I was
Left me with nothing but a drop of life
Had me tilted not walking up right
Left me face down in the darkest of darkness
Never thought I would get up and see clearly
The lights were brighter the skies were bluer

Life as I know it has changed right before my eyes
No longer do I see the dew drops as water
They are the drops of memories that I have formed
Yes, they are the new beginnings of desires that I have seen before
Opened windows and let the mist come in
While it settles and shed new demisions for me to explore

The falling leaves you saw last year were a break through
I sheded the old and changed my skin to blend in
I shook off the dust that laid dormant at the bottoms of my weary feet
Though I shuffled and hustled my way through the streets of death and pain
Still, I remained sane
The magnitutde of my disallusions weren't from the relics of my past

They came from the unsaturated winds of my unrelenting sins
From birth of my child through his umbilical cord
That choked the life from my ulterior motives
Can you see the frustration that has occured in the moments
Of my lustful desires to have that which is not for me
You see...
The trundle that the trollop had wasn't because what  I was in for
It was because she was stigmatized as being  a ho
For the hoax of misleading the dead to the devils realm.....

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