Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I want to taste your language
as your tongue grasp mine
while it rolls down my chest
and leaves a glaze behind

I want you to embark on a crusade
and search for my vessel
as you cross oceans and seas
just to parlay in my secret garden
as you vanquished its strong hold

I want you to speak in tongues
down my passe'
and infuse yourself to my underworld
as you teach me the language of love

I want you to paraphrase your words
as you remember the paradox of
my sweet limpid fluids
that you made secrete freely
through your spoken language

I want you to study the
linguistics of my body language
as you slide and liquidize
my walls with your teachings

I want to be your notation
on your music note
as we make sweet music
behind closed doors
as you take a nosedive
and make a sensual melody

I want you to monopolize me
and make me squirt all over
your words like sticky
molasses dripping from a tree
as we reach our mental peak

I want you to titillate my
mind masterfully
with your verbiage
and send me to a place of bliss
while i'm riding your words
from lashes of your tongue...

1 comment:

  1. The world better recognize, your pen is so fierce, you will make a man want to sin at night and repent in the morning....Wow, now this is a work of brillance by all measures!!! Too early to be wound up like a clock...Damn!!! lol! just j/k....Love it, love it, love it!!!!