Thursday, June 7, 2012


Wetness pours from beneath
It flows constantly
It trickles
It squirts
You can have it for dessert

Morning time comes the dew drops
It forms sweet bubbles of moisture in the air
Why don't you inhale for a spell
Taste the sweet mathodic mist that lingers
I discipates as take it all in leaving a light crust around your mouth

It drips from your fingers in the evening
Awwwww baby squeeze and tease it
So you can be blessed with the sticky dreams
That come down with this cream
Thick and sweet it will be placed on your face
If you position it just right
Flick your tongue just so
And it will drip slowly as it cums

Moisture forms because it is produced
From the heat of my erections stirred
By the ejaculations of your mind bender
That hits each wall as they call your name
Big daddy come hither
Make my walls shake and quake
And watch how they spew the moisture that you will create
You can catch it in your cup and let it over flow
Let it tumble down your chin
And then dive right back into the ocean that keeps
Flowing with moisture...

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