Friday, June 15, 2012


Impregnante my mind and send chills down my spine
As you make my nature rise
Come solidify my body and build me up into the mold that you prefer
Let me wallow in all of you as you drip down my throat
Lay your head on my thighs and sip
As you desire from the fountain of youthfulness
Indulge if you will on my breast
Sink into them as please every thought you have
Make me stutter as you make me submit to your demands
Place your lips on mine and taste my mouth as our tongues play
A successive game of chase to entice each others focus
While you kiss my subconscious and seduce my dreams
Make them wet with seductions of juices
As they flow freely upon you
As you graciously seek to make it rain down
I will make you recapitulate the visions of me having you
Let me diminish all that you have
While i take your last breathe and exhale
No don't recede from this motion the deeper you go
The more I will take control of how you will release
What you have stored inside of your world
Escape from your reality and join me in my fantasy
So that i can lead you to a place of nothing but sheer ecstasy...

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