Monday, June 25, 2012


Come suck the confines of my mind
Just like the time when I swallowed your thoughts
Don't ponder on the gratuities of others
Let your cup be filled instead of half empty

You will be my incubus
As I possess your being
While taking you to new heights of ecstasy
Bringing new enlightenment to your desires

Stretch out your hands and place me on your fingers
Plunge them deep into my portal
So I can reach a new plateau with your erection
Of quantum leaps that will soak my indiscretions

Lay your face across the threshold
So when I walk in you can taste me within
Open your mouth wide and place all of me inside
Don't release me until I scream in elaborate sounds of pleasure

I want you to dock into my port
And steer my ship and mitigate the currents
Of my oceans flow
Make the momentum slow, fast and easy
As you slide right in and out of the moisten shore

Plummet your shortcoming and make them erupt
Into big burst of compulsions of shrewd jerks
Oh come into the light and surrender your outcry
For in the distance there is perception that will permeate
From the base of your pedestal and rise and rise

I will be your alcohol and put you into a stupor
As you lay your structure in my mouth
Leave all that you are behind
While I lay you upon my seduction
And take you with easy from your daydreams of me....

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