Monday, June 4, 2012

Deep Within..

When love walked through my door
I spoke to it
I made it fall to it's knees
Not knowing what hit it
It just started to sing me a song

It looked upon my face and into my heart
It said that if beauty was lost from the heavens
It is now found within you
Your eyes glow with a hint of passion
Your soul flows like a raging ocean
Ready to take over the earths floor
Deep inside hiding all the while is love
Come to me... come let me extract your harmony
And place it into me...

Can you love me like this one more time
Will life be endless in your arms
I would rather know bad times with you
Than to explore good times with someone new
I would rather whisper sweet words into your soul
And kiss you upon your lips
And tell you that I am love
Now its time for you to bear your soul

Love never walked out after that song was heard
It made it's home where I laid my head
So instead of me looking for love
Love has come and found me
And now I am whole.....

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