Friday, June 29, 2012

Dancing in Anointing....

  A Collaboration Between Cassandra “Eop” Covington, Alfreda Free,
  Rosemarie Howard & Makeisha A. Williams


 May I dance for you Lord

 May I worship you in praise

 Glory to God

 May I praise you through my feet

 The out pouring of your love

 Has filled my spirit

 My soul is over pouring

 Relaxing within you

 My feet have begun to move

 As I stretch my hands before thee

 My soul cries in praise

 As my soul sings 

 My feet will praise you

 I will dance love around you

 I will not stop praising you

 Lord of worship

 King of host

 My unconditional love

 I will dance among them

 Never shying away

 Never hiding my love

 Never ending my praise

 As I feel victory

 Within me I will dance praises

 Under the heat of the sun

 Under the glow of the moon

 In the late midnight hour

 I will dance for you

 I will give worship unto you

 As my soul sings

 Now behold the lamb

 The precious Lamb of God

 He was born into sin

 So that I may live again

 I will worship you Lord

 The precious Lamb of God

  I will dance for you

  Yes I will dance my praises

  I will worship you in grace

  Spreading love with the smile on my face

  With my arms spread wide

 With tears of joy on my face

 Because of whom you are

 I give you g.ory Because of whom you are

 I give you praise

 As my feet dance As your spirit moves through my veins

 I will worship you As my body screams victory

 My dance will bring tears

 As I shout and scream



 Thank you, Jesus

 I am glad to worship you with my feet

 Through the darkest hour 

 I will dance my way through

 As my soul sings praise

 In my feet your spirit moves

 As I worship you

 For just being whom you are

 Basking in your presence

 Lord I worship you in praise

 I will dance until I collapse In your loving arms

 Just because of whom you are

 You reign in victory

 And I worship you

 I worship dance

 As my feet praise you

 Just like David danced

 I will dance out of my clothes

 Just to prove my love to you

 As I worship you lord

 Never underestimate my praise

 Through the glory of your love

 My feet will praise

 You in Victory!!!

 Thank you for the scribe

 Thank you for the Poetess

 Thank you for the readers

 Thank you for the Blessing

 Thank you for the gift

 As we worship you

 As our pens dance

 In your Glory!!

 Halleluiah!!! ~Eop~

 Let me dance a great dance of praise

 Let me show you father GOD what you are to me

 In my dance of worship for you LORD

 I will shout and praise your name

 Raise mountains and lift valleys to sing with me

 My feet will know no ground that wont be untouched by my praise

 Lifting your name in my praise dance is what I will do

 I will shout your praise to your heavenly gates T

 hey will open the angels will praise your name with me

 Singing and dancing for my LORD that's easy to do

 Let me show you 
 Thank you Lord, JESUS  
 I praise you
 My feet will stomp across the land
 I will be like David and shout, shout it loud
 My clothes will fall and my virtue will be covered in your sight
 The millions will come to listen to my praise of thee
 I will make haste and climb to the mountain top
 And dance a dance of praise for thee
 When I dance for you I will show you that my love is endless
 just as your love for me is endless
 Lord my dance will spark the multitudes to come and proclaim their praise for your name
 My dance will be danced with a sacrifice that will please you
 I will raise the demons from many with the praising of your name
 They will run in fear because they will know the LORD resides within my words of praise
 Hide they will because I am bring the armor of praise
 to raise the dead to join in this dance of praise
 My gift my love my soul my spirit and my all will be hold LORD has
 made within me
 I will praise you in the morning,
 I will praise you in the afternoon time
 I will praise you in the evening
 No sun nor rain nor darkness will keep me from lifting your name in praise
 I praise thee Oh LORD
 I lift your HOLY NAME up in praise
 Do you feel my dance my feet stomping
 My mouth shout my hands lifting
 You up in all your Glory
 No other is greater and worthy of my praise
 This I do in of you FATHER GOD....

 They can say I give radical praise,
 cause I am part of the fellowship of the unashamed,
 knowing that King Jesus will always REIGN,
 which gives me all the reason to dance away the pain,
 while forcing me to let go of all hindrances
 in order to give God what He desires
 due to my obedience being what He requires,
 cause the times I think of His grace,
 a smile takes over my face,
 I am nothing without Him,
 He is my doctor during sickness,
 my confidant in time of trouble,
 so I will praise Him all of my days,
 dancing before the Lord like David,
 without showing concern nor restraint
 as to whether I danced out my clothes,
 or lose all of my composure
 cause the Holy Ghost can’t be controlled,
 I will praise Him during the wee hours of the night,
 until the sun shines so bright,
 I will praise during the noon day hour
 because He holds my soul captive,
 I will praise Him til the sun goes down
 because He keeps me from wearing a frown,
 so my praise will go inhibited,
 my praise will be unrestricted,
 I will dance like none other,
 clap to my own beat,
 stomp my feet as part of my spiritual release,
 giving my God all of my praise,
 to your will and your way
 in my heart You will stay,
 Lord you loved me when I was worthless,
 and exemplified what it is to be patient,
 especially as I continued to make mistakes,
 living through life challenges without taking  a break
 but I praise you God for keeping me in my right mind
 when I coulda have been crazy enough to be confined,
 Thank You Father for brand new chances,
 Thank You Father for brand new mercies,
 as these tears flow down my face
 and I continue to dance in Your presence,
 count this as my offering to You Lord,
 as appreciation for Your works,
 as my way of giving You glory
 You are more than worthy,
 just for carrying me through,
 when I shoulda been dead, sleeping in my grave,
 Lord you stepped in to make amends,
 Thank You Abba for making a way out of no way,
 Thank You for allowing me be Your vessel,
 Thank You for taking control
 while letting the Holy Spirit have its way,
 as my feet dance to Your rhythm,
 allowing my soul to be complete.
 being that within you is where I find perfect peace…MAW


 As I kneel, tears flow from my eyes

 I will shout HIS holy name

 Father you are my healer and prosperity holder

 I will dance with great love and faith

 I will become the daughter that sings of eternal life

 Father you have heard my cries

 you have wiped my eyes

 I will sing within a consciousness secured by HIS glory

 Holy Spirit have your way with me

 I will speak life and love into existence

 from deprivation comes determination

 from financial bondage comes spiritual wealth

 Father allow them to seek me to spread your word

 whispers of scripture not quiet but heard

 My creator, my deliverer

 King of KINGS

 My dance for you will secure the sky

 diamonds and pearls stream from an angel's eye

 You have soothe my bruises in many situations

 I cast out principalities of condemnation

 FATHER with your word, I am courageous

 I magnify you with MY dance of GRACE

 Rejoice with assurance and endurance

 My valley has been deep but my dance of praise allows

 me to keep climbing and climbing

 for I am a believer

 a Conqueror their is NO fear within ME

 I am guided by the eye's of the righteous

 I dwell upon HIS words

 blanket my soul with everlasting joy

 I obey HIS voice

 and I prayed

 Father you intervened when I couldn't see over the mountain

 I prayed

 when the storm sustained me

 I prayed when the river was endless

 I prayed

 the sun would not shine

 I prayed

 I was verbally attacked

 I prayed I was broke, sick, bound, sad, angry and addicted


 Your my light, my salvation, my strength

 war will fight against me

 fear will seek me

 Father, you have never left me or forsake me

 I Dance Peace

 I Dance Prosperity

 I Dance Praise

 I Dance Prayer

 I Dance Understanding

 I Dance with Purpose

 I Dance Positivity

 I Dance Patience

 I Dance Truth

 I Dance of Righteousness

 ---For when I am weak, then I am strong---
 Glory, Glory, Glory
 Thank You for Loving Me


 I will continue to Dance in Jesus name


 © 2012 Cassandra “Eop” Covington, Alfreda Free, Rosemarie Howard & Makeisha A. Williams

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