Saturday, June 2, 2012

In Tune

Come play me like an organ and tickle my fancy
Make me squirm in my seat and go into heat
Turn me on by striking cords that linger for a while
Stir up my trenches and make them flow freely

I need to beg
You want me down on my knees
Please.. You got me breaking out in hives
Because I want you to dive right on in
Take what you need
Willingly I give it to you

Stroke me to the right stroke me to left
It's all i'm asking please
Don't leave any iridescent lights to be seen
Where you have positioned your fingers
To take hold of all that I am

Bend me over and spank me if you must
I've been a bad girl
Take out you masculinity and let it seize me
Capture my attention and make my breast stand erect
Place it on my lips and let me lick the tip
To arouse your senses and send tingles through your feet

I knew you were a freak
You want me to insert the fingers

It's easy to touch and tease myself
Watch me as I place my fingers inside of my thighs
With you lick the residue from my finger tips
As I insert them and draw out what you long to taste
The sweet nectar of my inner walls
That oozes from my touch of pleasure

Come and release the gushes of fluid that leaks slowly
From my undercarriage
No don't fill them let them flow over your lips
And into your mouth so you will thirst no more
Speechless I have become
As you play me like an organ and put me back in tune.....

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