Thursday, March 8, 2012

Endless Possibilities

You came into my life on a cool summers breeze
Leaving scents of whispers from Tulips in my ear
I gasp as your voice grazes my thoughts
To understand how love has brought you near
I look deep within your eyes to see how far this will go
There was no ending so now I know that this is endless
Your love will last more than an eternity
This seems to only happen in my dreams
Under the stars and moon
You touch me with your lips
As I long to feel the passions from within your world
I never dreamed that it could feel this way
You falling as I catch your waves of  your thrust from your heart
They pull me right on in as I embrace your warm strokes
Can you hear my soul pouring out to you
Will your spirit return to me and leave me speechless
From the love that we made
Share with me how you will seduce my mind and my desires
Play with my strings while I play with your keys
Let me tune you into me
As you align my strings in places that they can't be undone
Finger them and wound them into knots that only you can untie
Lets wake to the the sunrise as we open up together
As you intertwine me with your roots and lets blossom as one
Share with me your thoughts of us
As we grow mindful of the endless destiny that we share
Place me in your soul
And let me learn how you are going to love me
Far past the endless possibilities.....