Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hear Me....

Motions of voices heard from miles
Strong verses spoken from a plat form
Millions stood in hopes to hear a speech
That would set them free of their burdened spirits
But they didn't know that this speech would set all their worries free
He lifted them so high with his words of grace and wisdom
He poured out his soul to trillions as he stood behind that podium
But many turned a cold shoulder
All but a few stood there and listened
And heard the words that shared verbs, adjectives and proverbs
The irony of it all was that the ones that left knew what he was saying was right
They wanted no parts of it
They wanted the freedom that came from it
You see
People want all the good that comes from someone else doings
But if they have to participate and create that freedom
They don't want it
But there were so many that put their lives on the line
So that you could stand and read and write
They stood there for the duration of the fight
Your insight came when all was done and the prize was won
No No..Don't lower your head in shame
Keep it held high so when you look at those people
That stood there for your freedom they can say i'm glad to see you again
Now will you stand and fight...

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