Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Morning Breaks....

Seems like yesterday, when you walked into my life
I can't clearly see why you are trying to walk out
Love has come and gone for you
Even though you tell me day after day
That you are still in love with me
I woke to a lonely bed when the sun rose
No smile waiting to greet my morning face
Longing to feel your warm touch
In hast I envision us in a kiss
Tasting your sweetness of your breath
Desiring to be held in your love grip
Seeking to look into your eyes
So I can see deep inside your soul
Let me make love to your mind
And control your dreams and have you fixated
Upon my every move
Tune yourself to my music of pleasures and passion
Designed for two, to become one
Hear my loving songs of having you next to me
In the waking hour and sleeping minutes of my nights
I no longer want to fall and not have you fall
If only you were here lying next to me
We would be holding each other
In the kiss of life........

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