Thursday, March 8, 2012

Roll With Me....

Wake me when you get home
I want to be your slave
So I can make love to your soul
I want to wrap my body around your mind
And seduce your all in mine
I want to stroke your large ego and fondle your huge pride
I want to leave you wondering how I will leave you dripping and dry
Of all your energy and make your nectar flow for days on end
Can you imagine me loving you
Will you receive me as I drop down my hair
And lay upon your chest
Can you inhale and exhale through all that im about to do
Just relax...
This is all about you tonight
I want to lick your lolly pop
And swallow you whole
Your mind that is.....
I will seductively take you
Where no woman has taken you before
Sweet music will play as I straddle your depth
And bring you to an unconsciousness and revive your dreams
And bring you back to reality with kisses laid upon your lips
Taste me as I release my inhibitions and leave them within you
Laden yourself with my sexiness
And take all  that I am offering
While I stroke your ego and fondle your pride.....
Will you roll with me......

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