Monday, April 9, 2012

My World

If you came into my world
You would feel nothing but love all around
The flowers and rainbows would set your spirit free
I would surly lead you to heavens gates
Follow my foot prints and see where they lead to

Come hold my hand and I would surly make you see
New direction
New life
This ride will be the ride of your life
Let the fresh air flow over your skin

Rise up and come into my world
Listen to all the sounds
Birds sing, bees buzzing, children laughing
Your heart beat along with my souls song
To precious to leave all alone

Smell the sweet scents that I have left behind
Can your mind follow where mine has gone
Let me bring you into my world
No more games we shall play
We are all grown up in this world

Love making will ensue
Kissing will come to pass
Caressing will last for a life time
Holding each other will going on forever
Intimacy we will always share

In our spare time
I will just look into your eyes
You shall listen to my sweet voice
And we shall pass the days swinging in the shade
Knowing that you have come into my world.....

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