Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whispers Of The Soul

My soul moves along waves of light
As it sways across the mountain tops
It sees you afar
Whispering sweet words of kisses
Through my uneven lines of hearing
Do you know that love can travel the distance
It can with stand the winter winds of January
It bites right through your heart and into your core
It warms my spirit like the spring breeze of yesteryears
Move through my heart and soul with trickles of warmth
Of love flowing from your body into mine
Leave me empty and then fill me back up with your essence of devinity
Entrust in me your heart
While I thrive on your soul
I hear you whispering into my soul from afar
Come closer and let me sing gentle verses in your ear
And leave you with sensual rhymes of poetic flows of me
While basking in your thoughts as I walk across your souls memories...

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