Friday, January 13, 2012

Lights On

BY: Alfreda Ghee,Asim Kumar Paul,Natasha Musyc Chyld Dunning,Justice Chikandamina,Dawn Wood,Venoyd McCalister III,Tremell Stevens,Wayne Gooden,

Lights On

Alfreda Ghee

Turn the lights on I want to see your face
Indulge in my fruit and float in my desires
Speak when you may but speak in a whisper
Of sweet sounds of musical emotions stroked
From the violin and fondled from the harp
Kiss my lips as if you are blowing a flute
Gently so they will melt right into your mouth..
Asim Kumar Paul

Such you will do me, who will like your foot,
My firmness make you happy with love and touch,
Circles are inside our body surge, the life begins anew,
With every turn, we have come to home of energy,
The earth is divine, and we are in some move of love.

Natasha Musyc Chyld Dunning

Jazz interludes of passion sweep softly across my face
Your embrace touches me like a love song
Hearts beating as we move rhythmically
Tangled emotions bind our presence amongst each other
Each kiss leaves imprints like fingerprints
Holding on to your simplistic desires
I indulge you like a forbidden fruit
Studying your expressions with each movement
You bring my whispers to heights unimaginable

Justice Chikandamina

 lost in this passionate world, we both yell let no one discover us,
we belong on this marooned island...with a touch here and there,
there can be no stress,
a press at the end of a caress so goes the song
that starts with a touch that elevates the breast

Dawn Wood

heating up and moving along each other
exploring every curve like a new world
sending tingles over the body touching the soul as we connect..
tension building as we caress .. nibble..lick

Venoyd McCalister III

I love the softness of your skin....
and i could never pretend.. that i don't love you ...
because my heart is with you...
and as we make love... until the rising sun...
and you bless me with you presence...
and our love has just began....
you are so beautiful ... as i look into your eyes....
i can not explain.. the way i feel inside...
because it's you love... my angel on earth with no wings...
it's your love.. that makes my heart sing..

Tremell Stevens

 Turn the lights on, Allow me to wash myself in your essence
Let it envelope me and cover me in the purity of you
Can our spirits mingle...?
Dance the forbidden dance ...
So that they may become intertwined
And I...can be your safe haven equipped with understanding
Giving my consent for you to rest within my integument

Wayne Gooden

 i LAY BEFORE YOU in the Fetus position,
bare naked to the skin..exposing my flesh and my most inner secrets...
THIS MAN CRYS IN GRATITUDE for you the Gift to me God has given.....
Let me again lay my head upon your breast as you caress my shoulders and neck..
WE ARE UNITED as soul mates with a bonding matrimony of no bares hold
expressions revealing the sacrafice to satisfactions of each others desires on higher levels of pure BLISS..
tears and laughter simotaneously mixing sweat with slow compassionate swirling soulful movements like soul train dancers dancing naked to a Marvin Gaye rendition of AFTER THE DANCE...
What part of each others anatomy have we not kissed and licked down to the grind of the finger tips,,,,
THIS IS THE BIG BANG THERORY OF Foreplay and Respect...
candles scented mellow playing music like the
TO smell your natural intoxicating fragrance from your peach as it releases the whip cream of fluffyness...
I surrender to you ...surrender to me again and again and again and again!
soulmate love mate spiritual friend keep the lights on and let the scented candles burn to it is wickerless
at both ends!!!!!!!

Tremell Stevens

 I could Indulge in your fruit and float in desires,
Perhaps make our Life anew with our body surge inside,
Causing tangled emotions binding our presence amongst each other,
We can even get lost in this passionate world sending tingles over our bodies until the rising sun,
Having some calling 'THIS IS THE BIG BANG THERORY OF Foreplay',
Making love is cool
Soft and sensual touches
Slow kisses
The warm up
The ease in
The finish
The cuddle

But I want to fuck

I want your nails etching your signature in my back
Your bite marks briefly molded into my shoulders
Fingers twisted and tangled in locks of my hair

I want to get into you

I want the shit talking in my ear
I want you to take it
Then throw it back up like it ain’t shit

I want to fuck! ;-)
 Alfreda Ghee

We can fuck, screw, do you and do me to
Lets be real this so loving is not the deal
Lets take it to the floor to be wall in the hall
Any where you please
I just want to drop you to your knees
Having you begging baby baby please
Dont squeeze me no more
It wont be long until the sun comes up
Then its round two you and me doing what we make it do
Pop, lock drop it like its hot
Rolling with the waters that come pouring over the top
Slide glide no need to hide
We gonna make it do what it do
The heat is rising that for sure
Time to brighten the light lets open the windows to
So they can see me grab your head along with your ears
No more roll playing lets just do the damn thing!!!!

Tremell Stevens

It’s been a long week
And it’s only Monday
I still have five more days to go

I want to have this place
Where I can place myself
Deep within the confines of my mind

…And it is placed between your thighs…

So Pop, lock & drop that shit like its hot...

Wax it til it can’t be waxed anymore
Til your damn legs are sore
And your pelvis aches

And you say, “THAT was worth it”

That’s what I want

What I want to do
Love making is cool
But I need to fuck!

Alfreda Ghee

Wax on wax off smack that ass until it turns red
Spread your legs let me ride and and dont ask why
Monday, Tuesday, We just do it doggy style
Wed., Thursday, We take the high road to enjoyment we go
Friday, Saturday, Its no hold bars we break out the whips and chains what ever you are game for
Its at the front door bend over and give you more
On the coffee table this one will break for sure
The coach is not safe you know how to bend me over it just right
Enlighten my load and let me explode
The kitchen counter well you know what it all good tonight
We will eventually make it to the back room
Once the entir front rooms are dealt with first
No shorts this time just lay it all out on the table....

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  1. Love is amazing soul of everyone
    simple and dazzling pour of life and its status,
    here is a entirety to view love between
    one lover and the loved one.
    Here is presence of repose of
    prince and princess in great sharing of love,
    and its creation gives vault of love and heaven,
    where lover's phase and the loved one phase
    undergo revelations and constellations
    where man and woman are source of
    of homologous love ascending to glory.
    I love it.
    Thanks to Alfreda Ghee for "LIGHTS ON"