Monday, January 9, 2012

Taken My Soul

Fighting these demons that are inside
Takes my heart and push me to another place
When will you remove yourself from me
Will it take an eternity for you to see
That im not what you need any more
Pulling and stretching me to no end.....

When I look at myself 
I see nothing but pain, misery and strife
Tormented by my past abuse, and heartaches
My soul reeks of you
My spirit feels you
My every being wants to run from you
But it cant...

You have a hold that is so tight 
It wont release me 
Unless I fight with all my might
When will this beast of the night
Take flight out of my life
My substance has been drained....

Hearing you in my dreams 
Seeing you in my thoughts
Visions of whispers of deadly deeds
You running through my head telling me what to do
Who are you..... 
Why me....
I cant do your dirty work 
Truly that must mean i'm going insane....

My heart cries out to be saved
But in return you push harder and harder
This realm you are taking me to
Will it make me look deep into myself
Because demons rule me 
I'm afraid to see what I have become
When I look at myself through your eyes
It makes my flesh melt at the sight of my true self

I'm falling apart with you in my heart
No sleep for the wicked
No peace for the evil dead
No rest when I lay my head
No life is left in this body
Now that you have occupied its mold
Slipping away as I melt from these 
Demons that have taken over my soul.........

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