Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For You Only....

Read my thoughts as we touch minds
Sip on my sensuality as we exchange glances
Inhale my sexiness as we lay in lust
Feel my dreams as we walk along our bodies
Wet my lips as you release your oceans upon me
Open my soul as you give me your depths
Breathe in me what you have taken
Part take in my sweetness as I look into your visions
Lavish yourself in my jewel of enlightenment as I rise to meet your call
Shower me in your spirit as I wash you in my aura
Lift me above the heavens as if you were magically incline
While I will put the stars in your head and have you swooning in air
Kiss my all while I except yours
Touch my being while I release yours into the night
As you have me any way you please
Because my love will always stand true for only you..

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