Friday, January 13, 2012

Secret Jewelry Box

Freely open my secrets
And take what you want
Lift me until you are ready to give
Rain down on me as you touch and please me
My secret box only opens with the right key
That stroke and strike without hesitation
Float along the walls of my imagination
Fondling my secret desires with ambitious vigor
Wholeheartedly follow your intuition
And conquer me as we climb higher and higher
Waste no time in fixating your energy
And focus on my symphony
Entangle us in chains so parting will not be in this

Make haste for your vigor might slow its pace
Wanting you deep within my souls core
Filling it with pleasure of confiscated movements
Of sailing your ship to its destination
Port me your sail and leave me with no questioned answered
Sift through all of the jewels that looks inviting to you

But taste only of those that make your nature rise
Diamonds are rare but rubies are made to share
When its time to harvest the jewels don't be shy
Just pick the one that makes you flow from within
And an eruption wont be far behind
Just look into her eyes and you will see
How her secrets will subside......

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