Sunday, April 15, 2012


Look me in the eyes
Do you see my depth
If you follow the spark of my heart
You will see that it lights up for you

If only my words were enough for you

Though you linger on my every word
I know that you want more of me
You want action and still it's not enough at times

Take me in your arms and lets see

Where devotion comes from
Our connection is so intense
That flames of fire are put out at the force we share

Not water nor wind

Can put out what we have together
No longer will gravity keep you enlighten
I will keep you elevated beyond the universe

Lets not contain our love

It shall be shown for all to see
You want more of what i'm offering
Reach deep and pull from me my reason for existing

And you will see how deep my love runs for thee

Your smile remains a mark on my brain
As your face has a permanent imprint on my heart
While your eyes have marked my soul for life
And your spirit has marked my existence for an eternity...

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