Tuesday, November 13, 2012


make the night right
flagrant with your scent
oozing from the walls
of my pores
seeping from my inner core
where you have released
your spirit and set mine free

wake me with the desire
to take a hold of my
inhibitions as I discover
that sexual deviance is nothing
more than a passion of fire
laid out from your touching
of my inner most thoughts
destined to be awakened
by your pulse racing
down my inner thighs throbbing
and screaming to be taken
and devoured of all fluid
that's ready to escape from
your tool of passion

sleep comes easy
once you have played
in the flesh of fresh waters of the fountain
of youth
you have tasted and become elated
not wanting to relinquish
the time spent ravishing
the supple flower of desire
that has you aroused
playing hide and seek
and tag while riding the
back like it's your last go round
on the merry go round of life

make no mistake waking
her promiscuity is like unleashing
a beast on innocent
that seeks flesh and blood
she seeks to drag your soul
through her contours as she
wallow in your essence
and squirt you with her life line
of time and awaken the
animal instinct of your inner being
to come forth and make ruins
out of the diamond that lay before you....

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