Saturday, November 10, 2012

Low and Behold....

Standing her not sure of my path
Lost, broken and disheveled
wondering why i'm left
here all alone
does love still live here
or is it just gone?
so scared not sure if this is the end
the end of us
or the end of my story

all hope is gone
dreams have faded
as desires roam the halls
trying to figure out
how they were left in the cold
no passion to warm their walls
no steam to cause an evaporation
of us all
the clock has broken
as for time it has stopped
seeking to tick for you and I

No longer will I sit here
in this emptiness of your despair
no longer that butterfly
with a broken
rising up glowing with a smile
love has found my open heart
once more
if you only knew
the gem you carried in me
i'm floating high like a cloud
surrounded by love

I showed you a side of me
you said another man would never see
you laid your cards on the table
for all to see
low and behold
a great man stole your Diamond
right from under your nose
now I have blossomed into a Queen....

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    All was quiet
    Nothing moved
    Desert roads
    No living souls.

    Rivers were dried
    The sky...Abstract
    An abandoned land
    Lost in times of hell.

    From the Pacific came out a typhoon
    As silent and faster as a lethal gloom.

    The atomic mushroom arose
    It was the beginning of the pain
    Gigantic, alarming...
    A Holocaust of Caim.

    Suddenly and angel on horseback appeared
    With a flaming sword in hand
    In order to kill the ghosts
    Of this everlasting damned land.

    (By: Agamenon Troyan)
    This is a translated excerpt from my poem & short tales book (O Anjo e
    a Tempestade) aka (The Angel and the Storm).

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