Sunday, July 29, 2012


When I look into your eyes
I see so many possibilities
Endless they are

When your mouth speaks
I hear my future with you
There's nothing I can't hear

When I feel your touch
The signals that you give me
The speed of light doesn't even ignite

When you look into my eyes
Breathless I become
No more speech forms
I go numb because you have
Traveled through my being

Love has transcended
Far past where I thought it would go
Now that your eyes have seen my soul
Grab a hold of it.....
Never let go.....
Because you can find yourself in me......

Your Depth...

You've shown me the depths of your soul
It's deeper than the deepest seas
Like life it carries much pain and love
To open it's valves you must flow through
It smoothly with no indiscretions and no expectations
That doesn't have flaws

Your mentality and sexuality
Comes together as one emotion
Bonded as one congruent equation
Of the beating of your hearts song
Lively in all that in brings forth

Broken into two halves
It wont function to it's full potential
Segregated and monopolized it flows out of tune
Conclusions are inclusive of a definitive movement
In the right direction

Sometimes fear projects the darkness
But your depth is far greater than any..... I have seen
The greatness out shines the old road left behind
Imprinted with your footsteps
For another to cross the same journey successfully

You have let me look into your eyes
Now I see where our paths met
In the out skirts of your soul
Leaving parts of you as a map for me to follow
Just so I will have a place in call home...
You've shown me....the depths...... of your soul....


Like a cools summers breeze that lingers
You form and never dissipate from my soul
As a breathe of fresh air
That soaks my skin with it's coolness

Surrounded by the humming of your beating heart
Left in a world win of psychosis
Provoked, stimulated and left in a coma state
The infancy of my lustful desires
Have left me swooning and longing for your touch

Your organic flavor is simmering down my spine
It tingles and has ossified my soul
As not to allow it to spill out of your grasp
While our bodies oxidize and become one

My palate has tasted all of you
No longer do I want to relinquish your flesh
You have seized the depths of my soul
And have performed an exorcism on my mind
While placing exotic thoughts within my dreams

I want to be your joss stick
And burn throughout the night
Make the room like a scented candle
Sweet and easy to inhale all at once
I want to jolt your body with memories of me
While you leave me in a daze......

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Melting like tears dripping from my eyes
Like the leaves on a weeping willow
Hanging low and leaning here and fro
But you caught every drop
Not an ounce of me touched the ground

Whispering words like a fountain over flowing with water
Like a water fall trickling down a rocks curves
Dripping here and there
But you savored the fresh mist
Not a word escaped your listening ear

Beating beating like a drummer boy on his drum
Like the pounding of wild horses running
Thundering thundering noises in the air
Basking in the sound of it's beauty
But you pronounced every beat it made

Blowing wind like the ocean caress the shore
Like your tongue filling my mouth
Tasting so sweet like berries off a new vines
You were elated with new life
As nothing has eluded your grasp......

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Heavens gates were left open
When you walked out to find your soul
Never looking back for a word
No voices broke out in song
To guide you along your way
Only your heart could guide your path

You found her sitting patiently
Whispering into the wind
Calling your name and wishing
That you would bring her your fame
Your wings caressed her cheeks
Like a cold winters night
Sending chills and thrills across her mind

Her lips sweet and red
Waiting for yours to meet hers
In a sweet lovers embrace
Her hearts song rang loud and strong
No regrets for leaving heavens gates
When your eyes laid upon her soul
You exhaled and let all of your spirit free
To meet in the center of the smoke
Of our destiny being set free
You knew then that it was meant to be so

She out shine the stars above
Like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly
She flew right into your heart
And made love even more beautiful
She looked into your eyes
A sunshine of light broke through
To your conscience
Reality was what it was called
Now that love has touched home

She laid upon your chest
As you engulfed her in your heavenly wings
She spread her spirit all across yours
And you joined as one
As heaven smiled down on you
Because your destiny has been set in line
All the while heavens gates closed
As you realized that love was your goal...

Monday, July 23, 2012


When he walked
It was like he had a sweet scent
Emitting from under his feet
Every step was like he was crushing sweet lilac leaves
It soothed the sir of my pain
Made my head spin leaving a hint of love behind
That he could spare

When his eyes looked deep into mine
It was like he laid me down with a sweet kiss
Upon my lips
Every kiss was placed neatly
Like a feather placed inside a pillow
From an angels wings

When his hands caressed my cheeks
It was light and warm spring breeze
Grazing over the oceans surface just to ruffle it's skin
To make it blush, underneath its bosom
It was laid so gently
That the ocean rose to meet it's courting touch

While she laid in her rise
She knew that love had come
As scents made her heart flutter
She knew that this was the beginning
Surely those sweet kisses were reality
The caressing of her cheeks
Made every part of her soul awaken
For the first time
To knowing love would never end...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We laid upon a bed of glass
As stones were cast as we sinned
You were cast out of the kingdom
I was branded a whore for all to see
Chastised and flogged... I was....

They thought it would keep me from wanting your brew
 Little did they know
That you were already coursing through my veins
You flow through me like the river Jordan
Staining my dreams with memories of loving you

My freedom has been taken
The likelihood of my escape
It's not in the near future
Love...They can't take that away from me
He will come and rescue me
For time is endless is his hands... you see

The window is small
Even though hope is large
The sky rolls on
As I wait your return
To lay upon a stone bed
Surely they will flank us
As they throw embers of flames upon our heads
Yet....They didn't even know....the stones they were casting
Would come back to haunt them in the end
All because love wouldn't say no.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Looking deep into your soul
I saw your longing for love
You keep it hidden  when you are afraid
Your heart glows at the approach of another
That sings out to your rhythm
Its whisper will reach to the center of the earth
That is your core
Can you ponder on how love will pull you in

You will swirl like tornado winds
Lust will settle in soon if you don't hurry
Your mind will float like you are soaring in the atmosphere
Eyes will set and look deep into mine
Surely you will find what you have missed over time

Telepathy I will send you from within
Memories will be made
Life will have new mean as we know it
I will speak words into you like a ventriloquist
So you can vocalize
The disconnection from reality that you are feeling

My impregnation of my love within you
Will grow so strong that your vitality will grow
You will shed your outer layer of shyness
And sing freely that you love me so
Our solidarity will be one that can't be broken
Like a philistine you will run wildly in love

I will contaminate your veins
With love juice and stain your thoughts with only me
Consistency is what it will be
I will be the confectionery in our sweet kiss
Like the clematis, I will climb the walls of your heart
Leaving you beautiful flowers to remember the love we shared

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Midnight Fantasy....

I will walk in the midnight hour for you
While you seduce me mentally
So you can stroke the outer limits of my vortex
Look deep into the everglades of my walls and wet your whistle
Upon my imagination of the twilight hour
Red is what I will wear to bed
Just like an apple I will peel every layer
Until I bite through to the core

Can you keep a secret
Or shall I show you what I want you to do
Place your mouth just there
I swear you will like it
Just as much as I will

Now you know what to do
Just move your tongue and flick it right there
Tease me if you must
Take a nibble and squeeze the juices out
You know how to get it flowing

Here it comes do hear the bursting of the flood gates
Everything is going blurry
Just fantasize, how it will be once you come inside
Put a plug deep within the walls
Lets see if you can make me run and hide

I don't want you to be shy
Take charge and go head in first
Slowly as you go
You know what to do
Let me walk in sweetly as I do
Take a chunk out of my juicy spot
Leave your name written in braille
So that only I will know what it spells

Eliminate my doubts and make me see the light
Tamper with my mind
As I speculate how to except you as you embark upon my dock
As you turned me into a freak
I became a vagabond from your sexual illusions
That accentuated your speaking in tongues
Which had my mind confused
And had my apple dripping on your lips
My panties were missing
I'm sure they were soaked
Because my thighs were moist
While walking in the midnight hour..

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My head hurts
From the lumps and bumps
You have laid upon it
My brain is bruised
With confusion from all the contusions

This is no illusion 
I can't believe this is happening
He put up a big facade
Telling me he loved me
Plotting and eluding my intuition

Upper cuts to my stomach
I can't catch my breath
It was stolen when you put into my chest
Crushing my ribs
It felt like they have punctured my lungs

Gasping for air
Blood drips from my lips as it pours from my chest
Stop this please
I'm begging you while on my knees

Crunch went my eye sockets
Black and blue stains my eyes and cheeks
Couldn't see two feet in front of me
My face was nearly beaten to a pulp

Why do you keep saying its my fault
You stayed out all night
You dont work
Because you want to beat the pavement with your feet

You tried to break me down
You clustered my body with broken bones
From wrecking havoc on me
With a metal baseball bat
Can you imagine that
My bones broke through my skin

All you did was laugh in the end
Because you thought you did me in
I managed to call 911
But by the time the got here 
I was down for the count
Blood was every where
Llike the coward you are you ran away

I'm stronger than you think
The doctor said
"He didn't know how I survived
With the way my body was broken and beaten"

Months later he came and told me he was sorry 
And it will never happen again
well the cops pulled up
He pulled out a gun
He was coming to kill me
You know how it ends.....

My mind and body is free of all
The pain that consumed me
I smile from within now
Peace rules my world
fear still haunts me at time
Whenever a man smiles my way
Extending his hand to speak with a gentleman's jester...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mommy Please.....

See how the streets have made you become
The hood means you no good
You bring pain to your door
Forgetting that the kids are seeing all that you do
Mommy please stop this insanity

The pain inside it hurts my little brain
I can't sustain the pressure
I want to run like i'm a bullet being shot from a gun
Fire, fire me
Let me be set free
Of all this insubordination against my demise

No rest for days
All the thumping and bumping
Soon mommy cleans me up and dresses me real pretty
Today is Sunday
She only takes me out and tries to sell me
To the drug dealers and pimps
For some crack cocaine

Mommy please don't leave me with this man
He's a stranger
He has slapped me across my head
Lumps and bruises protruded
He said don't make a sound put your face to the ground
You do as I say and things will be ok

The drugs have got you going insane
Mommy.... when.... oh when will you take the blame

My tears stained pillow
My face is streaked with dirty tears
From my face being forced into the ground
So they can stick their erections in place it don't belong
What have I done that was so wrong

Screams of shame
Screams of pain
Screams of pleas
Screams of disdain

Mommy please stop the shame that's being brought
Against my name
I haven't yet lived up to the promise that my name could bring

They have made me perform oral sex
I don't know how this is suppose to be done
It's like a loaded gun shooting and shooting
They have riddled me with cum
I am infested with disgust

Tossed to the side and locked in chains
And put in a cage like a beast
Oh the pain
The pain
The pain

My insides are screaming
Release me from this game

Mommy they have ripped my new cotton dress and tights
They have placed the penises inside my pastel panties
In my back side
My innocence have been stripped away
Why this way mommy
You told me never to let a man have this
But yet you gave it freely to them
All for crack to run tracks down your arms
And so you could coat your nose with white stuff that looks like powder

The blood flows like a river
They don't care they just pound even harder
Now it's another, repeating this beating to my frail body
I'm tossed around like a rag doll
All tatty,sticky and have a stench
Limp and scared in pain so much pain

I pray that this will stop
I ask GOD to take away the disdain and pain
The streets have brought me nothing, no fame nothing but agony
My mother still walks the tracks with cocaine riddled track upon her arms
She hasn't been to see me since the day she left me here
Doesn't she feel any remorse

Oh Lord, I pray that this day will soon end
I hear a voice calling my name
From the bright lights that's coming through my cage
I can't take this beating upon my head
I no longer have a clean bed
Pounding inside my head as the tears stop
The screams don't pierce  the air any more
If this is my reality then my life has ended

My body lays limp as the pimp shows me to my mommy
She screams what have you done
He laughs and walks away
And says; I've gotten my moneys worth

It's too late now Mommy
Your tears, mean nothing now
Your prayers and pleas are just a bit too late
As a matter of fact....I  no longer seek for you to set me free
Because GOD has heard my tears.......